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Information About Qualifications for Psychoanalytic Training


The Pittsburgh Psychoanalytic Center and the American Psychoanalytic Association recognize four types of applicants with professional credentials required for admission to training:


1. Medical or clinical doctorate applicants

Individuals are eligible to apply for training if they a) have graduated from an accredited U.S. or foreign medical school or from an equivalent in a foreign country, b) are licensed to practice medicine in Pennsylvania, and c) are licensed and have completed at least two years of a psychiatric residency at an accredited program.


2. Individuals are eligible for training if they hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Ed.D., or a Psy.D., a Doctor of Mental Health, a D.S.W. or Ph.D. in Social Work, or MSW.


3. Non-medical clinical applicants without doctorate degrees and those with other clinical doctorate degrees

Individuals are eligible for training if they are recognized as experienced mental health clinicians in the community. Individuals qualifying for admission for clinical training need to obtain a waiver from the Committee on Preparedness and Progress (COPAP) of the American Psychoanalytic Institute.


 4. Research or academic applicants

The Center will accept applicants for whom psychoanalysis is a discipline relevant to their primary field. These applicants shall meet the requirements of personal suitability expected of all candidates and shall be accomplished in their primary field. The admission of research or academic applicants will be contingent upon the expectation of the Admissions Committee that they will contribute through their participation to the overall psychoanalytic education of the candidates for full clinical training. Academic candidates ordinarily will not participate in the clinical portions of the training program without permission from the Education Committee. The requirements for graduation from the program shall include the submission of a graduation paper on a psychoanalytic topic which shall be suitable for publication in a refereed journal.


Research or academic applicants can also apply for clinical psychoanalytic training. If so, and if the Admissions and Education Committees find that an applicant has the necessary aptitudes and qualifications, a waiver will be requested from the Committee on Research and Special Training (CORST) of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Such a request for a waiver will be submitted after a Candidate has demonstrated proficiency in the programs of the Center and aptitude for clinical work.


5. Transfer applicants

Candidates in good standing in any training facility recognized by the American or International Psychoanalytic Associations may apply for transfer to the PPC. Transfer Candidates follow the same procedures as other applicants, and, in addition, arrange to have their credentials forwarded to PPC. A summary of educational and training experience should be included.


Personal Qualifications

Applicants may be of any age, gender, race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. The practice of psychoanalysis requires integrity of character, maturity, and an aptitude for psychological work. Individuals will need to demonstrate a professional identity as an empathetic caretaker and possess sufficient clinical aptitude for in-depth psychological work.



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