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Psychoanalysis: Helping People Around the World to Heal, to Change, and to Grow

 What is psychoanalysis?


Psychoanalyis is an in-depth psychotherapeutic technique with 3 to 5 treatment sessions per week. In treatment, current day conflicts and symptoms come to be understood in terms of their historical roots, and present anxieties are explored and understood as residues from the past.  Through the individual's intensive exploration of their personality and character development, a greater degree of self-realization and understanding can be achieved. Treatment is carried out by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other highly trained mental health professionals who have completed an accredited psychoanalytic training program. Psychoanalysis is an endeavor which aims to reduce suffering and mental anguish, achieve greater fulfillment and meaning in life, and ultimately, change one's psychological fate.


While psychoanalysis began as a tool for relieving emotional suffering, it is also a method for learning about the mind as well as a theory of human development. Many do not realize the significant contribution that psychoanalysis has made to our everyday thinking. Psychoanalysis provides insight into a wide range of human activity, both in psychotherapy and in the world at large. In doing so, psychoanalysis continues to have a profound impact on many aspects of contemporary culture.


What kinds of issues does psychoanalysis address?


Psychoanalysis is generally recommended for those whose recurrent emotional and behavioral problems cause significant distress in their work and interpersonal relationships, compromising their ability to enjoy life fully.

Individuals seeking treatment may exhibit symptoms and feelings of:


  • anxiety and/or depression
  • inhibitions, including underachievement
  • interpersonal conflicts at home, work, and play


The aim of in-depth psychoanalytic exploration of personality and character development is to help individuals to develop understanding of, and to gain relief from, painful emotional experiences and crippling anxieties.


Outcomes of psychoanalytic treatment include:

  • improved personal relationships
  • increased productivity
  • development of better coping skills
  • greater control in one's life


Who can benefit from psychoanlaysis?


While initially developed as a treatment for adults, psychoanalysis has a long history of as a treatment of choice  children and adolescents, who can often benefit from psychoanalysis when environmental interventions and other treatments directed are unsuccessful in reaching internalized conflicts and reducing emotional distress.  Psychoanalysis is often the treatment of choice where early trauma and developmental issues impede optimal growth, creating stress in the home and community.



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