Pittsburgh Psychoanalytic Center Has A Long History of Interesting and Engaging Programs

Psychoanalytic thought nourishes a wide variety of learning and artistic expression. Over the years, Pittsburgh Psychoanalytic Center has been part of Pittsburgh's rich cultural mileu through partnership with the arts.


PPC has also drawn on the developmental concepts of psychoanalysis and provided relevant information about human relationship with respect to parent/child bonding, interaction, and conflict.

Sample Arts Programs

Alberto Giacometti: Myth Magic and the Man

An examination of a renowned sculptor whose surrealist works represent a transformation of aggression into art.

Shuttling Memory: A Filmmaker Remembers, Records, and Revisits with Prajna Paramita Parasher, Ph.D.

A showing of the film, "Hieroglyphics of Commodity," a film that navigates colliding agendas and emotions arising in immigration.

Psychotherapy and the Hollywoood Cinema with Glen O. Gabbard, M.D.

A look at the ways psychotherapy was portrayed in Hollywood and the implications for stigma and stereotypes of therapists as well as the mentally ill.

Sample Programs for Children, Youth and Family Issues

Parental Alienation and Its Impact on Children and Managing High-Conflict Families

Mothers and Daughters

Father Hunger

Vulnerability and Violence

Symposium on Reducing Youth Violence


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